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Al Araby Rebrand

Al Araby Rebrand


Al Araby is a global news channel with broadcast centers and bureaus located across the world. With approximately 50 million viewers, it ranks across the top competitors in the MENA region.
As part of a relocation project from London to its brand new, state-of-the-art headquarters in Doha, Al Araby required a complete redesign that reflected its continued growth and expansion.
Catering to a young audience, the brand aims to be at the forefront of creativity and redefine news presentation with a modern and trendy look.


At the core of our proposal is the circular shape that contains the Al Araby logo.
It's the shape of the Earth, for a global news channel. The shape of an eye, for a firsthand witness of all things Arab. Of a timepiece, for a channel that covers news around the clock. An open mouth, that makes the voices of marginalized groups heard, and discusses what no other Arabic speaking news channel discusses.
The circle is the heart of the system. With the help of icons, arrows and other graphic elements, is the shape that connects everything, where everything starts and ends. A focal point that deploys information. A navigational device that guides the eye across the screen. A marker that identifies where we are and where we are heading.


By extending the circle we create the bar. With an animation language based on the microinteractions from UI/UX design, it's the backbone of the package, providing order and structure. It's used to contain short texts, names, titles and subtitles. It also works as a button that slides and activates events.


And expanding the bar we create boxes: containers with rounded corners that evoke a digital world of windows, touchscreens, apps and devices. Used to display images, video and for longer texts, the boxes are the meat of the system.


With these 3 main elements, combined in multiple ways, we created all the graphic elements for the package. 
A simple and cohesive look, loaded with endless possibilities.
An agile, nimble toolkit, instantly delivering news around the clock.
A flexible, modular system based on the world of apps, for a channel that embraces connection and innovation.
A clean and friendly look, for a channel that links with its young viewers.
A tv channel for the 21st century.
Al Araby Rebrand

Al Araby Rebrand