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Grovemade Wood Watch

Industrial Design
The Wood Watch Evolved
The Grovemade Wood Watch, designed in collaboration with Stefan Andrén, is timekeeping evolved. Look at your smartphone less when you wear this revolutionary watch built from premium American hardwoods. We know you’ve got the exact time in your pocket, along with a whole universe of facts. The Wood Watch doesn’t try to replace your smartphone; it offers another way to experience time.
A New Way to Consider Time
The Wood Watch’s iconic face with 12 windows showcases the beauty of Oregon Claro Walnut and Eastern Hardrock Maple. And, to simplify time to its essence, modern circular hands help you experience time naturally. It’s a more tactile approach to knowing where in the day you are.

Material Driven Design
Instead of taking a typical watch and replacing the metal and plastic components with wood, we created the Wood Watch from the ground up, starting with a Japanese movement. Each material used was considered for its specific properties: a stainless steel core brings strength, the finest domestic vegetable-tanned leather straps soften with age, and the unique grain and beauty of Oregon Claro Walnut and Eastern Hardrock Maple are exhibited on the watch’s face.

Made the Hard Way
To bring you the highest quality wooden watch, we’re partnering with trusted, best-in-class vendors. Our custom internal timekeeping module is built by an experienced overseas watch manufacturer. The stainless steel case is machined by our friends here in Portland, Oregon. At our workshop, we craft the precision wood elements, finish the metal components, make the leather straps, and complete the final assembly.
The watch will not be available until late 2014 / early 2015. Pre-order yours now for priority shipment, and be one of the first in line to receive the watch this winter.
Grovemade Wood Watch

Grovemade Wood Watch

Meet the Grovemade Wood Watch, crafted with premium American Walnut or Maple. Live in the moment and keep your phone in your pocket when you wear Read More