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    www.suegrego.co.uk Shaddow necklaces- anexploration of the interaction between light the necklace and the body.
ShadowNecklaces by Sue Gregor

Ihave always loved the shadows cast on walls by trees, you could lookat them as an extension of the tree. I was inspired to make necklacesthat would cast beautiful shadows, I see the shadows as part of thenecklace. I wanted to explore the interaction between light thenecklace and the body. The movement in and out of different lightingwill make them visually exciting to view and attract attention. Themotion of the person wearing the necklaces will also mean that theshadows move over their body in interesting ways at different times.

Thenecklaces were inspired by Masai Tribes women's disc shaped weddingnecklaces which are disc based pieces. The essence of the warriortribe fed though in the final pieces. (I called one piece leafwarrior princess.)

Thesepieces are made using my own method of dying and embossing plasticwhich I call fossilised Plastic due to the fine detail which it ispossible to capture on the embossed surface . Forthe subject I choose quite ordinary plants and weeds . I hope thatthe wearer will not only enjoy them as jewellery but also reviewtheir appreciation of the natural world. I set out to create amarriage between the industrial and the organic. I want to create afeeling of celebration between material and subject.