Strategic Design | Bachelor in Design
Universidade de Aveiro
Group work
Inês Seixas | Inês Capela | Joana Ventura | Sara Andrade | Sara Martins
9 appeared as a response to the proposal to make a rebranding
of a naturally carbonated water knowed as "Água das Lombadas".
Lombadas is located in São Miguel's island, one of the 9 islands
that belongs to Açores's archipelago.
9 is irreverent and versatile. The audacity and  the strenght of the color.
It doesn't have a single logo, because it explores the endless universe of the 9.
This water intends to be in many cultural events, joining and making part of them.
9 can be find in the gourmet section, for a urban and cultural interested public.  
1st edition of bottles.
Available in 33cl and 1l.
The website is where the consumers can find 9's cultural agenda,
with events that are sponsored and organized by the brand.
9 will be in social networls, especially on Instangram,
where people are encouraged to take photos to the 9's
of their daily routine and to share them, throught the hastag #9.
Later, those pictures will be part of the site's background, making it dynamic.
1st campaign
                                    1st step                                                                                 2nd step
2nd campaign
Top left : IX commandments
Top right: The 9 dwarfs and the Snow White
Bottom left: The 9 deadly sins
Bottom right: 9 lives of a cat
3rd campaign
Promotion Video​​​​​​​
Bottles' edition
There is an endless potential of bottles' editions.
Booklet about the brand