Website redesign |
Twitterpainted is a personal labor of love I started back in January of 2009. Providing all types of printed materials services for weddings and engagements, Twitterpainted has become a true passion of mine. 

At the time of the site development, I was pretty torn about the direction I wanted to go with the branding. I finally decided that a chocolate brown with alternating instances of tiffany blue and pale pink were the way to go. Regarding content, I wanted to be sure I covered all my bases and answer any questions that might arise.

Flash forward to today and I realize the site had a bit too much information. Honestly, it was probably pretty overwhelming. And, I didn't really feel like the design and branding fit the feel of my little up-and-coming endeavor. I think I attempted to redesign the site about 7 times...seriously. Never quite satisfied, I put the overhaul on the back burner for a bit.

In June 2011, inspiration struck! I've always had quite the fetish for letterpress and knew that's what I wanted for my business cards so it was a perfect theme to build my site around. I also am pretty into minimalist design that is clean with a bit of a sexy edge. With my new visual identity clearly held in my mind, the new site design was born and I coupled it with a complete content simplification and rework.

Much better. <3
Home page: before.
Interior page: before.
Home page: after. Simplified into a one page site.