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    Summer Sabbatical
Every year, in July and August, our team takes a summer holiday. For these two months, we are out of office. Below are our sabbatical protocol in case you would like to get in touch!
If you'd like to read more about it, we wrote a piece for the Huffington Post that explains in more detail why it is such a critical part of our creative practice. You can access the article here.

We give our entire team the summer off to go on a creative journey, to rejuvenate, to reconnect to ideas that make them tick.  It makes our work better, it makes our ideas richer, and makes our jobs feel more like dream jobs.  In years past sabbatical has seen our team involved in stand-up comedy training, globetrotting, macaron tasting, canoe building, newborn-raising, and even island building (long story).


If your communication with us isn't urgent, wait until we get back in September, there is a better chance we'll respond! If we have told you we'll be in touch with you over the summer despite sabbatical, don't worry. We haven't forgotten you.

If your message is urgent, or you'd like to ensure a reply, please send us an email with the appropriate color code in your subject line:

CODE RED: You are a current client, and need something urgently. 

CODE PINK: You have a (new) project you'd like to hire us for, and the confirmation that we can do it/are interested is imminent. 

CODE CHARTREUSE: You have been connected to us through a direct connection, and want to come by the studio, have a chat, OR apply for a job.

CODE MAUVE: You have been connected to us through an indirect connection, and want to come by the studio, have a chat, OR apply for a job.

CODE AMBER: Without category, but important.

If you don't have a corresponding code, don't worry. We'll respond....eventually!