An initiative that mixes two universal pleasures: cooking & reading

6 recipes that belong to 6 fiction stories. All you have to do is read the story and follow the steps that appear in color. 
The waiting times between each step coincide with the reading time. So you're entertained while you wait. 
The recipes were available on the website, by order or in pack in-store next to their ingredients.

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Omelette Potato
Open the book and follow instructions. Cooking a Potato Omelette is simple, right?
But what if you end up with an Omelette Potato?
Delicious rice? Yuck! 
There are two kinds of mothers. The ones who turn a blind eye when you leave what you don't like on your plate.
And the Palate Educators. This is a child's epic battle against his mother, to avoid eating his most hated dinner!
The Russian who prepared the Whiskey Sirloin
Superpowers are not always as they seem in the comic books. They are not always about flying or x-ray vision.
Powers are sometimes unpredictable, and are activated by something as common as… Garlic!
Brownie Express and the man who never left
The time you need to cook a brownie in the microwave is just about the time it could take you to notice something really spooky: a supernatural presence.
Stuffed Zucchini. Same time, same channel
Have you ever fantasized about talking to a character in your television? What would you do if your TV idol (a British chef) asked you to cook for him?
The case of the Sirloin Carpaccio
It not easy being a thief with a good palate. Especially when you run into a 2002 Chateaux Margaux, and everything you need to prepare a Sirloin Carpaccio, just when you are about to make your getaway!
The colored text indicates the instructions to prepare the recipe.
Pouline Atencio: Concept, art direction, design.
Roberto Luque: Concept, copywriting.

DIA Supermarkets.

Leo Burnett, Madrid.

FAB Awards - Food And Beverage Creative Excellence. Grand Prix. Collateral & Point of Sale.
El Ojo de Iberoamérica. Gold. Design.
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GPC Leo Burnett. 7+.
Club De Creativos CdC. Silver. Best writing.
Club De Creativos CdC. Bronze. Idea.
El Sol. Shortlist 3 scores.
Novelized Recipes - DIA grocery

Novelized Recipes - DIA grocery

An initiative that mixes two universal pleasures: cooking and reading.