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Manage your finances using Goldstok’s mobile-centered financial offerings, encompassing checking and savings options, an all-inclusive budgeting application, and the innovative Goldstok Card.

UI/UX • Branding & Identity • Application Design

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01  Design process

We thoroughly planned our route, covering everything from overarching strategies to the tangible visuals that give life to these concepts.

02  Moodboard

03  Branding guidelines

Crafting a Brand identity is like sculpting a story of who Goldstok is. Trustworthy colors, friendly fonts. The 'G' in the circle embodies unity, growth, and empowerment.

04  Design system

We successfully implemented a comprehensive design system, optimizing workflows, ensuring consistency, and enhancing collaboration across our projects for a unified and efficient user experience.

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Take control of your finances, and confidently shape your financial future. A straightforward digital solution, designed for the IOS platform, c Read More