"Turn thou from their sight, Risk no glance. The sight of Gorgon, if she cometh, would bring thee night from which were no returning."
- Dante, "Inferno", Canto IX, vv. 51-57

Remember how Perseus had to look at the Gorgon Medusa's image reflected in the mirroring shield given to him by Athena to avoid being turned into stone? Well, also our Medusa can be seen only from a certain viewpoint.
Have a look for yourself, you'll be petrified!
This challenging anamorph was created in the factory/urban lab which hosted Sub Urb.

Truly ’s artwork arises from the encounter between its four founders, who meet in the late 90’s amid train yards, abandoned factories and suburbs, experimenting at first with graffiti.   
A passion and a commitment which culminate in a common street art project started in 2003. 
The four artists ’ combined attitudes shape an artistic project which leads them to stand out amid 
the international urban art panorama: the use of perspective and anamorphic painting, which generates visionary 3D images, outstanding optical illusions which merge with the surrounding architecture.

MEDUSA / Anamorph