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    A memorable New York brand with an ownable name, all centered on the comfort and care that Sickday brings to New Yorker's doors.
Building a Brand with Heart
When founder Naomi Friedman came to us in 2006, she had a small and stable but generically named business providing medical house calls. Research, branding, and naming exercises with her led us to design a memorable brand with an ownable name, centered on the comforting care Sickday brings to patients’ doors. Our 2013 redesign of the website added new personality to the brand and extends its longevity.
Crafting an Identity
Applying the logo and brand elements to standard business correspondence items, we also designed custom receipt pads and simple “Get Well Soon” cards to be left bedside for patients with followup care instructions.
Redesigning the Website
Seven years after launching the Sickday brand, the original website we built had been outpaced by both technology and the company’s communication needs.
Technical considerations like responsive design and a Wordpress content management system helped bring the site up to 2013 standards, while an illustration style inspired by east-coast jazz albums of the 60s underscored Sickday’s New York roots. The font Caecilia Light, used throughout the site, brought a crisp friendliness to headlines, text, and pull quotes.
To accommodate budget considerations, we found a series of royalty-free stock illustrations by artist Click49 that we could customize to fit the site’s needs. Vignettes depicting life in New York connected Sickday to everyday life in Manhattan and illustrated Sickday’s core mission: to get New Yorkers back to health and enjoying life.
Effective use of royalty-free illustration refreshed the brand’s personality and stayed on budget.
Getting Social
To propel Sickday’s social media strategies and further connect the brand with New York City, we developed the #heartnyc hashtag. We paired it with images by street photographer Robert Gruber as well as feel-good healthy acts and activities that every New Yorker could particpate in.
Design Means Business
For a project that began in 2006 as a one-woman business struggling for recognition in New York, naming and branding elevated the company’s presence well above its competitors and delivered something memorable to delight its customers.
Reinvesting in the brand in 2013 brought its website up to contemporary standards and increased Sickday’s accessibility and search rank. Six months after relaunch, the site was already tracking impressive analytics—a 212% increase in sessions, a 23% increase in new visitors, and a 177% increase in visits by New Yorkers. 
A 23% increase in new site visitors,
with visits by New Yorkers up 177%.
Most important, fresh illustration and copy voice express the brand’s caring compassion to its widening audience of New York residents, businesspeople, and tourists.