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    A music video pitch for The Unicorn's "Tuff Ghost."
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Tuff Ghost Treatment
Developed with Fluorescent Hill
    The Unicorns perform a satirical  puppet show to the song Tuff Ghost. A jolly Sasquatch finds solace in the care of an empathetic barber following the disillusionment of a friendship with an infantile and bitter Tuff Ghost. 
   The setting is a theatrical puppet play performed by the Unicorns. The play begins in the woods as the Sasquatch and the Tuff Ghost untie a rabbit from a snare. A small boy skips down a hiking trail. These mystical wood dwellers defend their turf against the intrusion of this innocent lad. The gentle Bigfoot oafishly attempts to frighten the young boy, while the Tuff Ghost erratically swipes the Boy’s video camera and smashes it on a stump. As the Boy attempts to run away the Ghost swipes his feet from under him, and the little child breaks his teeth on the ground. The passive Bigfoot has to restrain the Tuff Ghost as the boy scatters into the brush. 
   An argument erupts as the Bigfoot is horrified by his friend's actions, but the Ghost is belligerent and slaps the Bigfoot across his cheek. The Sasquatch’s eyes fill with pained tears and he flees, subsequently hitchhiking into town with a Trucker Woman and her bloodhound dog husband. In town the Sasquatch finds comfort with a caring barber who grooms and tends his Sasquatch mane and calms his frightful quivers.
    The Ghost paces bitterly back and forth in the woods waiting for his Bigfoot companion to return. He paces, paces, and paces. He stares up at the moon and violently howls into the night. The Bigfoot and the Barber sit at a local watering hole celebrating the Sasquatch’s new hair doo: a beautifully sculpted Bigfoot bouffant. The Baber’s haircut and the Bigfoot’s new look are sympatico.  They clink their pints together in a toast, and the beer overflows into the air in slow motion. As the beer oozes and decends we cut back to the woods, and we see the toothless young boy through the trees, wearing a "Ghost Buster" proton pack, and tazzing the Tuff Ghost into annihilation.
    The puppet show ends. The Unicorns as the players and puppeteers of the play hold their puppets in hand, and are unmasked from their costumes. The audience stands in ovation, and piles of flowered bouquets fill the stage.