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Maomaria  Visual Identity — 2012 

Situated in Porto’s downtown, Maomaria emerges from the common interest in music, social and night lifestyle. The idea of a Mao Tse Tung and a Virgin Mary as mottos for its creation is just casual but enriches its own personality — A bar with no dogmas or beliefs, no prejudices or trends.

Our big mission here was to assure the bar's notoriety and to stimulate and contribute to the city's social lifestyle, as well as to encourage the revitalisation of Porto's culture. This visual identity is intended to legitimate its unpretentious spaces and adapt itself to different music, environments and purposes.

Maomaria's logo plays the core role. The word Maomaria appears as a consolidated typographic stain. Its verticality suggest affirmation and belief — invigorates Porto's culture, ancient city’s typefaces and resembles tall and curvy typefaces used in religion — and its rounded and grotesque shape reinforce the idea of simplicity and functionalism. The brand mark is designed as a symbol to complement the identity and to be used in specific cases as corporate events/documents (e.g. illustrations, stamps). Its shape works as a celebration of the strength of its lettering and its associated symbolism. It differentiates the meaning of the words MaO and Maria in its literal sense Mau Maria — Mau, Mau Maria! is an Portuguese saying that means literally Bad, bad Mary! used to tell someone off (usually children) when things go wrong — and also separates the two figures — MAO Tse Tung and Virgin MARY. It also resembles the sacred with its aureole shape. 

On a last note, Maomaria’s color palette invigorates the atmosphere of the brand, suggesting an analogy with the wine and the grape's color tones. Also representing tones associated with religion — symbol of Jesus’ martyrdom, of blood and Christ’Passion — and with the revolutionary and communist culture of Mao Tse Tung. As warm color tones, it also complement the well-being of its space and environment.