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“People Shaped Travel” is the ethos behind the offering. Highlighting how Expedia allow consumers to develop their bespoke travel and holiday experiences focussed on their needs and desires.
As one of the longest running and most respected online travel brands they provide a wealth of travel related information and booking options to users to ensure that every customer has the holiday they want, not what a traditional travel agency has packaged.
Content marketing for Expedia must reflect the brand proposition, place customers at the heart of the experience, and help show the breadth of offering that can be unlocked by users of all sorts.
Garamond is the name given to a group of old-style serif typefaces named after the punch-cutter Claude Garamont (c. 1480–1561). Garamond’s letterforms convey a sense of fluidity and consistency. Garamond is considered to be among the most legible and readable serif typefaces. 
Collage is a technique made famous by numerous artists throughout the century – in particular, it was widely used in modernist, surrealist and dada works by the likes of Max Ernst, Hannah Höch, and even more recently by John Stezaker. For Surrealists, collage is an artistic game seen as a form of recreation and also as a method of investigation. The aim is to trigger discovery and create an original outcome. This is why this method is particularly well adapted for this Hidden Places project, to bring the audience to a familiar touristic destination in a new humorous, surreal, magical light – unveiling the joys of travel.
1-       Max Ernst, Une Semaine de Bonté, 1934
2-       Hannah Hoch, Self Portrait, 1926
3-       John Stezaker, Mask, 2007
While most competitors would tend to use a stereotypical travel imagery (suitcases, maps, planes, etc…), the Hidden Places project aim to create new stories around travel, putting Expedia in a “blue ocean” of creative, original travel market space.
We are using a series of humorous and mysterious characters of this project, all linked to the Croatian fauna, culture and history. For example: an octopus sea captain, a marten lady (The Marten is used as a symbol in the Croatian currency, the Kuna), a Dalmatian Dog man, etc… Ultimately, the aim is for the audience to build their own stories thanks to the elements on the map and the various characters.
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EXPEDIA / Hidden Places

EXPEDIA / Hidden Places

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