Design360° No.102 - Art Institution's Visual Identity

No.102  Visual Identities For Art Institutions | 藝術機構的視覺形象



In the observation of many people, the visual identity of cultural brands represented by art institutions seems to possess a certain uniqueness, which often stems from different factors, and the interplay of multiple factors makes greater variability a characteristic of visual identities in this field.
In this issue, it will start with the field of art museums and explores the visual identity of this type of art institution through different sections. Starting from the visual identity of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the editor dissected its history and sorted out the process of its development and formation. To demonstrate the richness, the editor engages in conversations with four art museums from different regions and positions, discussing how they use avant-garde and innovative visual identity as a branding strategy. Exhibition posters serve as not only the primary means of communication but also a part of their visual identity. Thus, three designers share their perspectives on its role in shaping visual identity. As a supplementary perspective, the Kassel documenta is regarded as a “contrasting” case, illustrating how it constructs its distinctiveness through continually shaping new visual identities. Finally, the editor discussed with five designers who have long served art institutions, serving as a response and summary to the discussions on this type of visual identity. By show casing the exploration stories of the designers who involve in the visual identity of art museums, the editor hopes that more designers can find inspiration in breaking the paradigm of visual identity.

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Visual Identity: the Stedelijk, Brücke-Museum, MMCA, Kassel documenta 14, Gyre Gallery, PSA, Kunsthalle Zürich, Mucem

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: The Pathfinder Of Art Institution’s Visual Identity

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4 Art Institutions, 4 Visual Identities

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Exhibition Posters: the Indispensable Complement of Art Institution's Visual Identity

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Kassel documenta: Breaking the Unified Corporate Identity

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Is there Distinctiveness in Creating Visual Identity for Art Institutions?

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Inspiration丨Exploring the “Unexpected” Forms of Furniture Design

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Kŏngquè Project: the Mindset of Chinese Typography Prologue


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Publication Info

Chief Editor: Hyde Ou
Editorial Consultant: Shao Nian @ XYZ Lab
編輯顧問:邵年@XYZ Lab
Director of Editor: Lauren Luo
Managing Editor: Xintong Lun
Editors: Xintong Lun / Yuer Bi 
編輯:倫欣彤 / 畢玉兒
Assistant Editor: Huang Dunn
Design Director: Shao Nian @ XYZ Lab
設計總監:邵年@XYZ Lab
In - house Design Director: Nan
Designer: Human Mar / JY Chan / Youyou Luo (Intern)
設計:麥曉雯 / 陳嘉宜 / 羅有有


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Design360° No.102 - Art Institution's Visual Identity

Design360° No.102 - Art Institution's Visual Identity

The visual identity of cultural brands represented by art institutions seems to possess a certain uniqueness, which is difficult to form a “fix Read More


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