NG Retail: Visual Identity & Website UI refresh
The Brief:
I wanted to create a fresher more unique user experience that didn't depend on the already established models of what was prevailent. Having studied the 2 biggest shareholders of retail ecommerce in Nigeria, i deduced that 
1.) Both were built using the same design/development model 
2.) Both were critically prone to clutter, one even more so than the other. 
So i set out to create identity imagery that was clean, minimal yet fun, dynamic, cheeky and easy to remember
Social Media Collaterial
Website UI Refresh
Landing Page Redesign.
Categories Page Layout Design
Categories page browser mockup
Search is intuitive with auto complete to help get the user to the desired product faster.
Navigation is tucked under to keep the site clutter free and well organized. The user is able to focus on what he wants to buy, instead of being flooded by unnecessary attention grabbers.
Checkout. Instead of creating a separate page for checking out, why not make it easily accessable by sliding out when you need it in a non disruptive manner.