BAMA Servicehandel
BAMA Servicehandel Identity
Fruit and vegetables are at the core of everything BAMA – Norway's biggest fruit- and vegetable supplier – does. For BAMA Servicehandel, the part of the company that makes healthy convenience products, Mission Design decided to join forces with London based illustrator MH Jeeves. She drew us a series of typical on-the-go situations. To emphasize the effort and attention that goes into creating a new product, she also portrayed some the company's experienced and playful chefs.​​​​​​​

Created at Mission Design
Concept, Graphic Design and Art Direction: Gøril Torske, Sigrid Pfanzelter, Kine Ugelstad and Geir Lysbakken
Illustration: MH Jeeves at Central Illustration Agency, London
Photography: Veslemøy Vråskar at Palookaville
Studio Shots of Brochure: Kine Ugelstad
Account Manager: Bård Annweiler
At Bama: Mia Robinson and Ingebjørg Hjortdahl
Published: January 2014

BAMA Servicehandel
Multiple Owners
Gøril Torske