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    A look at some of the work I've done as the Designer at Luxury Home Magazine: Portland.
As the "Senior Art Director" for the Portland edition of Luxury Home Magazine, I design the look of the magazine. Keeping in line with existing LHM designs standards, I decide how to best feature the homes and realtors with the provided text, and imagery.
The following spread was an opportunity for me to expand the look of LHM. The idea of luxury tends to have a certain opulent aesthetic, which tends towards heavily ornamented designs. This spread was meant to be very clean and modern, while also maintaining a classy, high-end look.
The number of pages per issue (six per year) varies throughout the year. Usually around 36-54 pages. As the economy has made a comeback, so has the magazine, and the Magazine has been expanding. With more pages being added, I am given more opportunities to enhance the look of the magazine, try new layouts, and tighten up existing standards to make an overall better magazine.
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