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    External design consultant hired to develop innovative dental product and business services.
A collaboration with P&G fr the exploration of innovative design in the oral care industry.
Through my Master degree I had the chance to work as an external design consultant to develop innovative dental product and business services. Worked in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team to discover new and innovative avenues for P&G in a limited time frame.
Our result was a concept for a biodegradable toothbrush. The toothbrush would degrade after use, to reveal a plant; this bonus would ensure that our concept is a pure ‘cradle to cradle’ design object.

1.     The toothbrush is composed of two separate brushes.
a.     An adult dimensions brush for the parents use.
b.     A small toothbrush, which is removable for kids. 
This combination this would give a feeling of strong bond between kids and parents. The curvature of the toothbrushes are for ergonomic and aesthetics values. The advantage of a curve toothbrush for kids is to enable an easier access for the parents when brushing kids teeth from the back, as suggested for security and ease issues.

2.     The toothbrush is produced from biodegradable cellulose acetate with natural bristles, same as the biodegradable toothbrush from Acca Kappa. After a period of about three months the toothbrush will start to degrade.
3.     This section has thinner walls to allow a faster biodegradability, as to reveal the seed faster.
4.     A plant seed; there would be various plant options available at the moment of purchase.
Use manual
1. Use for a period of about three months, before the bristles become useless and the toothbrush starts to degrade.

2. Dispose in a container that has dirt to enable the seed to get the necessary nutrients to produce a flourishing plant.

3. Cultivate the plant by placing the container in an area with sufficient access to light and water on a regular bases.

4. Enjoy the conclusion, a product that did not end up in the landfill but into your garden.
Available size options.
1.     For kids learning to brush their teeth.
2.     For young kids with more independence, but still require the parent’s oversight.
3.     For kids which are independent.
4.     For adults.
Various color options.
Brainstorming section of the project.