Opal Pro (Typefamily)
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Opalis a text face with a noble feeling, yearning for luxury and stilldelivering. Because of the long ascenders that rise clearly above thecapital letters, Opal should be set with generous line spacing. Thetypeface’s design has the attributes of the oldstyle Renaissanceserifs, yet Opal is not based on any specific predecessors.
The Opal type family is available with four basic fonts: Regular,Italic, Bold, and Script. Each font includes ligatures. The Regular,Italic, and Bold also include small caps. The Italic and Script fontsinclude alternates (swash letters). Additionally, each font in the Opalfamily includes an array of border elements and ornaments.
Through undulating strokes and sharp corners, a cutout feeling iscreated; Opal’s letters sport inktraps at stroke junctions, which thisstrengthen this image in larger point sizes even further. In total, theletterforms have clear emphasis on their verticals and horizontals;they do not fear the weight on their curves.
From top to bottom: Opal Italic (Swash), Opal Regular, Opal Bold, andOpal Script. In addition to the Italic, the Opal type family includes ascript face, whose letters are includes connections, similar tohandwriting.
From top to bottom: Opal Script (Swash), Opal Regular (Small Caps), Opal Bold, and Opal Italic. In addition to the Italic and Bold variants, the Opal family includes aunique Script component. Opal Script is well suited for adding moreimportance to a specific text passage, or for use as an alternative tothe standard Italic.
Moreover, each font in the Opal family includes a number of diverseornaments, arrows, printer’s fists (e.g., hands, pointed fingers), etc.
Also, each Opal font is equipped with a set of border element glyphs,which users may enlarge to their desired size and then repositionaccordingly.
With a little bit of care, designers will be able to create the finest of traditional, elegant work with this family.
Opal is released by Linotype.
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