CTRL — The Dawn of a New Shaker

This August, CTRL unveils its brand-new shaker, a blend of design marvel and functionality. To mark this debut, we've crafted a compelling 3D hero piece, enriched with a voiceover, aiming not just to showcase the product, but also to spotlight our exclusive offer.

Our approach to this project was to emphasize the shaker's 'premium' stature. Our vision? A dark, abstract, and emotionally charged aesthetic, mirrored in our mood board which you'll uncover below. Every detail, texture, and glint of light was meticulously curated to resonate with CTRL's core essence and the unmatched quality of this novel shaker.


Each still frame is meticulously crafted with the shaker at its core, making it the centerpiece of our artistic vision. The judicious use of contrast, mastery of lighting, and diversity of shots intertwine to lend undeniable strength and dynamism to the entirety of the film.


Our storyboard serves as the architectural blueprint of the film, mapping out the journey from initial concept to final visual experience. This narrative scaffolding allows us to envision the unfolding of each scene, down to the minutiae, ensuring that the shaker remains the focal point throughout. Like a well-orchestrated symphony, the storyboard harmonizes all elements – from shot angles to lighting schemes – guiding the team in achieving a cohesive and impactful cinematic piece.

Thank You !

Client : CTRL​​​​​​​

Art Direction // Design & Motion 3D : Mehdi Haddar
Project Manager : Adam Birkett
Voix Off : Kevin​​​​​​​​​​​​​​