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Lineage Wealth, Inc. Brand Refresh

Lineage Wealth, Inc. Brand Refresh
In June 2022, I became a client at Lineage Wealth Management, a financial planning firm in Norfolk, VA. One day, I was explaining to Peter, my financial planner and the firm's founder, what I did for a living. He sounded intrigued. "Would you like a demonstration?" I asked. "I'll do a free analysis of your website and send you a report of my findings." He agreed. 

That simple report kicked off an exciting and long overdue refresh of the Lineage Wealth brand—Marketable Copy style. Follow along as I break it down.
The Analysis
When I offered to analyze the Lineage Wealth website, I hadn't visited it before. A shock awaited me. The website color was electric error-screen blue. Think Windows '95. In addition to the specific messaging and usability issues I noted, my report concluded, "The overall brand needs a modern refresh." Peter agreed! 
The Palette Selection
The next step was to put together three updated color palettes for Peter and his assistant, Paige, to choose for their website and brand materials. The first included an attractive blue that reflected what they were already using in most of their collateral. The second incorporated a bright rose color for a bit of modern flare. The third leaned heavily into the "wealth" motif, with two shades of green, a light silver, a bright gold, and a deep—almost black—shade of purple. 

To my surprise, Peter and Paige enthusiastically selected the third palette, pointing out that it matched their office decor and brought much-needed vibrance to the brand.
The Website Copy
With brand colors selected, I got to work on the website copy. An intriguing feature I noticed on a competitor's site was the use of famous quotes regarding wealth and investing. I liked it, and I knew Peter would, too. So I found some quotes related to the unique 'roadmap' tagline Peter had created for his business and placed them in strategic places throughout the site copy.
My copywriting work also included architecture notes on how to lay out the site to create the best user experience, as well as the engagement to grow Peter's business. I created multiple CTAs that directed visitors to sign up for a free planning session through the Contact page. 

The original About page was a bit vague on what clients would experience at this session, so I made that clear and provided beautiful branded icons to illustrate the topics they would discuss. 
Before and After
With the new brand elements in hand, Paige was able to update Lineage Wealth's marketing collateral—to the great delight of the firm's clients. While these materials are not professionally designed, they represent a vast improvement over the former ones:
Lineage Wealth now has a more cohesive and professional feel, which better reflects the quality of their services. Best of all, their website is no longer Windows '95 blue.
Lineage Wealth, Inc. Brand Refresh


Lineage Wealth, Inc. Brand Refresh