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    3d Scanning & Mesh repair (iMakr London)
Processed scans

The Mini-You project involved the installation of a photogrammetry scanning booth at various stores in the UK including the iMakr store, Selfridges (London) and Harvey Nichols. This innovative scanning system captures real time data which can be used in the production for a miniature version of yourself.
The images below outline the stages in which a Mini-You scan is processed, if you want to learn more feel free to watch the time lapse video I have attached to view a small portion of the process first hand. 
Once the person has been scanned the images are compiled inside Photoscan to create a raw obj scan file which can be edited inside Zbrush.
Mesh repaired and UV mapped.
The file is exported from Zbrush and sent to print on the Projet 650 full colour printer
Time lapse video
Due to my curious nature and hunger for knowledge I also learnt the process in which the models are finished after printing. Each model requires delicate cleaning and removal of excess powder before it is submerged into super glue, the superglue causes a chemical reaction to occur which strengthens the model and enhances the colour. 
After completing over 120 scans I managed to get my own Mini you figurine printed.
Processed scans
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