El Dilema
Advertising Campaign for Ebay
We prepared a viral campaign for Ebay whose object is to promote the idea of not having to keep the presents you receive in Christmas if you don't like them.
The campaign was named ''El Dilema'' (''The Conflict'') because we felt that was what happened to lots of people thinking in selling their gifts, thinking if they were acting correctly or not.
And we decided to represent these conflict with the universal figures of the little angel and the little devil.

The whole campaign was thought as a big viral in the begining,including adverts on magazines, outdoor panels and internet banners leading to a Microsite, making people come aware of everything entering the webpage, and with further on commercials and Guerrilla Marketing.

The Main claim for the Campaign is: ''Hazlo o no lo hagas... Tu decides...'' (''do it or don't... You decide...'')
Internet viral banner
Outdoor viral advertising
Magazine viral advertising
Viral Microsite 1
Viral Microsite 2
Viral Microsite 3
Viral Microsite 4
Magazine advertising
Magazine advertising 2
Magazine advertising 3
Guerrilla Marketing 1
Guerrila Marketing 2