Flamingo Skin | 2013
The Flamingo skin was created to provide a responsive skin for XWiki, suitable for the Groupware Flavor. An XWiki Flavor is a set of predefined extensions having a specific use case in mind, since XWiki can be customized to serve multiple purposes, from public websites to intranets and business intelligence solutions. XWiki is an extensible open source platform for developing collaborative applications on top of the wiki paradigm.

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MY ROLE — 2014
The Flamingo skin was one of the biggest projects I've worked inside the XWiki community. For the Flamingo skin, I've worn two hats: interaction designer and front-end team lead. The Flamingo skin was developed in three phases: design, technical investigation and technical implementation.
Over the years, XWiki transformed from being just a wiki, to being a collaborative platform, centered around application usage. 
I've been in charge of Flamingo's design phase, making design proposals for the majority of XWiki applications, deciding which one will be installed by default and defining an uniform style for them. The design made sure the selected applications followed the agreed standard and that they were responsive.

The technical investigation was done by creating the Junco skin, which is presented as a separate use case.
After a successful technical investigation, I've acted as front-end team lead inside XWiki's Development Team in order to finish the integration and implementation of the Flamingo skin.
From a technical perspective, this meant the creation of a responsive HTML5 XWiki skin. We integrated the Bootstrap framework and the LESS language inside XWiki Platform. We also created the Icon Themes and the Flamingo Themes concepts, allowing the usage of Font Awesome and the Bootswatch themes. 
Since version 6.2, Flamingo is the new default skin and was stabilized in version 6.4.x.
I prefer to interact and create the design in the environment it will live in, so I usually code my proposals directly in HTML+CSS. All my design proposals are discussed inside the XWiki Community, which is an Open Source community around the XWiki platform.
Flamingo Skin | 2013

Flamingo Skin | 2013

Responsive skin, focused on application usage, suitable for Groupware Flavor definition inside XWiki.
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