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    Where To was an app that helped people find local restaurants, shops, businesses, etc.
Client: WhereTo LLC
Project: Logo Design
One of the things that I personally enjoy the most about logo design is exploring how different shapes and forms communicate ideas. For that reason, creating the WhereTo logo was tremendously fun. 
The core idea behind WhereTo logo was "direction." How do people get from where they are to where they want to go?
I began in my sketchbook by playing around with a number of different metaphors. I tried to keep things simple and clear, looking for an idea that communicated direction instantly. As I continued to try different things out, I was steadily drawn to one of the simplest directional metaphors of all: an arrow.
From there it was a natural choice to try to find a way to integrate to arrow with the letterforms. I wanted the arrow to be part of the typography if at all possible. That would aid the theme of simplicity. The logo would be a single, cohesive unit instead of a combination of icon and separate logotype. Integrating the arrow and type would also give the logo some added uniqueness and distinction, something would be especially important when using such a common symbol.
Integrating the arrow and the type proved to be a bit of a challenge. I wanted something fresh that hadn't been done a whole lot before, so simply placing an arrow in the "o" was out. Ditto for floating the type on top of an arrow. Although I tried those options, something kept pushing me to find a better solution.
In the end, my clients and I settled on drawing the stroke of the arrow in an arc above the lettering. It would be simple, clear, and attractive. 
As an added bonus, the arrow passing through the ascenders of the "h" and "t" created a subtle picture of going from one place (the open space above the "w") to the next (the open space above the "o"). I don't always get to work on logos that have layers of nuance, but I really enjoy it when I can. I had a great time with the WhereTo logo, and it's a project I still look back on fondly. I'm thankful that I was able to be a part of it.
What fun!