Connecting seniors to their health
HouseCall was deisgned with seniors' unique UI needs in mind—and to coordinate with a growing and ever-changing ecosystem of wearable health sensors. 
Using the Internet of things to improve health.
At home and on the go.
HouseCall was a rapid-protptype healthcare tablet app for seniors that links multiple wireless devices—ranging from Sensoria clothing, Fitbits, Wifi pressure cuffs, etc—through an easy-to-read dashboard, empowering seniors to manage their own health and to effortlessly contact their healthcare providers with all their current and historical medical data.
The custom iconography, unique data visualization, robust data back end, and native iOS deployment were all designed and developed in a two-week period to serve as a proof of concept within a fortune 500 teleconummications company as well as server as a testing platform with elder users.

Creative team
JD Jordan, experience design lead
Aaron Berk, mobile and front-end developer
The HouseCall data model created a one-stop dashboard for users while sharing relevant data with healthcare and inusrance professionals.
The HouseCall brand was designed to be reminiscent of neon pharmacy signs and enployed an icon library of single-line illustrations that could easily vary by color as needed by dashboard reporting.
The HouseCall dashboard used large, color-coded, single-line illustrations and large typography to communicate the user's current health state. The result is a simple at-a-glance UI that works well for seniors and healthcare professionals, alike.
Detail pages show past and projected trends based on user history and habits.
HouseCall was designed to work on a variety of tablets in the senior's home and on the go.
HouseCall also encouraged real-time communication with helath professionals who had access to the user's real-time data.