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    Mankind is ravaging the planet for its resources to sustain our heavily consuming civilization. Unfortunately,our planet is unable to naturally r… Read More
    Mankind is ravaging the planet for its resources to sustain our heavily consuming civilization. Unfortunately,our planet is unable to naturally renew itself at the current rate of human consumption. As a result, the planet is dying piece by piece. In order to save most of the life forms on the planet, it will be necessary to repair the environment on a massive scale. In other words, Earth will be the first planet that will need terraforming; neither Mars nor Titan... Terraform means to change (form) a planet to be more earthlike (terra). Terraforming earth is about making the planet more habitable to sustain more life as the earth was able to support. This dramatic way seems the only way to guarantee the survival of mankind on our planet Earth. In this sense greenhouse gases are the focal point in these environmental threats whereas the history of our planet tells a different an interesting story about them. 2,7 billion years ago, it was greenhouse gases that have helped to warm the early earth and contribute to early life forms resulting with mankind. Through several millennias, the greenhouse gases increased dramatically throughout industrialization, giving mankind but one choice: terraforming earth concentrating on greenhouse gases. The project concentrates on water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane gases for terraforming as these three greenhouse gases have the highest contribution percentages over atmospheric global warming. The selected method for carbon dioxide is sequestration by burial. There are several carbon dioxide synthesis methods but this system is clearly the most feasible of the various ideas as liquefying CO2 and trapping it underground is a known system where there are successful examples on turning CO2 to stone in Canada, Iceland and America. To liquefy fist CO2 must be captured from atmosphere and the selected system for this is using CO2 scrubbers consists of sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Pumping CO2 into porous rock using oil drilling technology is the best and feasible storing method as the dissolved carbon dioxide will be converted into calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate rock to be stored underground for millions of years. The atmospheric methane removal part of the projects depends on microbic bacterias. These methane consumers are a very special group of microbes - known as methylomirabilis oxyfera - as they only utilize methane to generate energy and biomass. The resulting energy and biomass is then directed to depots to be used in different sections of the project. Water vapor, on the other hand, is synthesized through a very familiar method: condensation. The ventilated cold-air veins of water vapor synthesis structure results in water drops on the surface to be collected at the water depots. The final step of the terraforming process is directing of stored biomass and water to the plant-pods resulting 02 release to atmosphere by photosynthesis. In order to manage the required electrical energy, the project also utilizes high-efficient solar panels and a gyro-windmill. The selected site for the start of terraforming earth is the Monument Valley in Arizona, USA. This place is not only suitable for its iconic monuments of nature to help steer the project into desired perceptions of mankind; but also suitable for its mineral depots underneath. In order to turn carbon dioxide to stone, only one specific mineral is accepted: peridotite that can be found on basalt formations created by volcanos and Monument valley is surrounded by volcanos. The climatic factors of site complete the terraforming earth concept as high annual solar radiation and wind speed is adequate for producing energy. Read Less