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    A mould to produce ice shooters; a natural option to shot glasses.
The brief was to design and build an object to be sold at the HEC exhibition, in Montreal. We had to produce twelve example of the product in less than four weeks. The market was mainly student ranging from 19 to approximately 24. This is why we decided to go for a ‘drinking’ based project, ice shooter moulds.
This project is based on the concept of “Cradle to Cradle”. When the water melts; the base and mould (the design object) can be reused, producing a viable solution for a combination of sustainable design and a creative/fun glass.
1.     Fill the mould with liquid (water, fruit juice, or any other wild options)
2.     Add the cap to the mould
3.     Insert the mould in the freezer for approximately four hours
4.     Take out of the freezer
5.     Remove Ice Shooter from the mould
6.     Fill with your drink
7.     Enjoy!!!