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Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue wins national title
Wrightsville Beach Rescue wins 1st Place at 2023 National Lifeguard Championship
Courtesy of Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue
WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH - Twenty-two Ocean Rescue team members from Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue (WBOR) are back with a bang after their extraordinary 1st place finish in their division at the 2023 United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) National Lifeguard Championship, held in Virginia Beach, Virginia from August 10th to 12th, 2023. Their exceptional performance has not only solidified their position as one of the top lifeguard agencies in the nation but has also highlighted their dedication to safeguarding those who visit Wrightsville Beach.

The Erik Jersted Championship Trophy now proudly resides at Wrightsville Beach commemorating the team's remarkable achievement. Competing in the division for agencies with 51-200 lifeguards on staff, the 22-member Ocean Rescue team secured the coveted 1st place trophy, demonstrating their prowess and commitment to excellence.

What sets this accomplishment apart is that, when assessing the points they earned, the WBOR team would have secured a commendable 4th place finish across all divisions, regardless of the agency size. It is important to note that several competing agencies brought over 118 participants to the event and were able to select their team from a pool of more than 1,000 lifeguards, making WBOR's success even more impressive.

This historic achievement signifies the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to the lifeguarding profession by the entire Ocean Rescue staff who competed and those that stayed home to protect the beach while the competition team was away. The team's victory underscores the critical role lifeguards play in ensuring the safety of others and promoting awareness of water-related emergencies when visiting the beach.

Ocean Rescue Director Dave Baker said, “This incredible achievement of securing the top spot in the nation is starting to sink in. Then when the entire delegation representing Wrightsville Beach is honored with this prestigious award, is a profoundly proud moment as a Director. Knowing that they have an unwavering belief in themselves, their athletic prowess, and the core principles of our ocean rescue program, fills me with immense pride. This is the essence of what I like to say is silent pride – allowing actions to define who you are and what you stand for.”

Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue Captain Sam Proffitt and Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue Director Dave Baker share a vast amount of respect in the team's achievement viewing the 2023 USLA National Lifeguard Championship as a defining moment in the history of the program. The legacy of this victory will undoubtedly inspire future generations of lifeguards to strive for excellence and continue the tradition of saving lives in the years to come here at Wrightsville Beach.

For further information about the competition, contact:
Lt. Mo Peacock,, 252-622-7939 

For further information about Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue contact: Ocean Rescue Director Dave Baker,, (910) 256 - 7920

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Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue wins national title


Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue wins national title


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