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Concept art for project Anubis #2
Game Design
Over the past couple of years, I've had the opportunity to work as a concept artist and world builder for a a game project called Anubis.

Anubis is a Galactic Adventure RPG featuring humorous dialogues, cutscenes, and 3rd person shooting with AI companions. Cartoon Style Parody targeting sci-fi products & general pop culture references.

This is the second part of such image set that I think are worth sharing.

Much appreciations to Toadman Inеractive for hiring me and art director Patrik Robertsson for guiding me in this process.
It was a lot of fun to work like this.

 Please check it out:
One of the episodes of the game takes place on the planet, which is an alien jungle and swamps that have grown on the ruins of an ancient highly developed civilization of creatures that vaguely resemble elves. The descendants of this once great and high-tech civilization now live in a tribal style right on the ruins. This is the first sketch of what a swamp might look like on a distant planet.
Another view of the swamps with the addition of ruins elements.
A more detailed concept of the underground ruins, flooded and overgrown with various plants.
Underground caves.
Concept of house interior of the tribe leader, living in underground ruins.
The central processing unit, artificial intelligence, continues to function for many centuries after the fall of the ancient civilization that created it.
During the passage of the act, the player must complete several trials in order to earn the respect of the tribe that lives on the planet. This is a hub concept, each gate leads to a location with a separate challenge.
Trialof Wisdom location concept.
Path leading to the trial of strength.
Trial of strength cave.
Trial of courage.
The other Act of the game was to take place on a sand planet where the player's ship crashed. In the process of exploring this planet, the player had to meet the settlements of good and evil robots. This is the concept of a shipwreck.
Concepts of the general view of the sandy planet, the search for mood.
Giant gate leading to the settlement of evil robots.
General view of the evil robot's settlement.
An underground prison where evil robots keep good robots as prisoners.
The good robots settlement concept.
The interior of the central hall in the settlement of good robots. Here the elders of the village make all the important political decisions.
Another, slightly closer look at the settlement of good robots.
The concept of a hermit's house living on a high mountain.
One of the quests will be a reference to the cult sci-fi classic Firefly. During the quest, the player finds the wreck of Serenity's ship.
Temporary shelter of the Java caravan. The people who live in the desert.
A couple of concepts for the final location in the game, where the player will meet his fate and try to prevent a serious global catastrophe.
Thanks for watching! 
Concept art for project Anubis #2


Concept art for project Anubis #2