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Portfolio of JY.
Bodoni is used and modified as the typeface for the logo because I found similarirty between the typeface and me. I typed with typos. Coincidentally, when Giambattasa Bodoni printed his publication with Bodoni, it was marred with typos. This logo serves as a reminder for me to be extra careful with text and copy.

The concept of the portfolio lies with the idea of documentation. Portoflio is a documentation of works. With that concept, Courier is used as the main typeface used. Clip is used rather than glue-bind. A hard board is used as the backing as if this is a hand held folder. Pages for description of work is printed on a smaller piece of paper and slided in like a divider between work.

Name card is created with the idea of impression making. The space at the center of the name card can be a space to express my drawing skill and individualise each card I gave to the client. Those drawings will aid in the recollection of JY the designer.

With that, JY says hello to the world!www.linjunyao.com