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    An illustration inspired by Manuela Wroblewski's work as an animal rescuer at Adoption Time in Avsallar, Turkey.
"New Life in the Flower Garden" is an illustration inspired by Manuela Wroblewski’s work as an animal rescuer at Adoption Time in Avsallar, Turkey. A friend of mine recently adopted nine cats from her (the white ones pictured here) and through doing so learned about the sacrifices Manuela makes on a daily basis in order to insure the stray population of dogs and cats are safe.  
Here is some info on Manuela’s work, taken from the Adoption Time Webpage:
"Manuela cares for 200 street cats and dogs, often walking for miles to provide food and any urgent medical care and where possible adoptions. In Avsallar cats are regularly poisoned and murdered and Manuela is their only hope.  People have spit on her and thrown things as she carries a 20 pound bag of cat food through the streets. She has pleaded with the mayor to stop his annual poisoning campaign and hosts spay/neutering clinics, working on her own, taking each carrier to the veterinary clinic. She sold her bike to buy more cat food which comes at a very high price of $40-50 a day. She’s broke but she can’t leave the cats and dogs behind."
I was moved by her story, especially by her dedication to helping keep these cats and dogs alive, and more generally help solve what is a big problem.  I can only hope more people could know her story and spread the word.  If you know anyone who is looking for a cat or dog, please check out the link at the bottom!  I was lucky enough to meet the nine white cats in this illustration (as well as the big gray guy [his name is Tommy]), and they are all wonderful.
For more information on Adoption Time, you can join their Facebook page, and for more information on the specific cats in this illustration, you can click here.