I started learning solfeo and piano when i was 8. Soon i was able to play almost anything by ear. Still young, my brothers had several cds which i used to listen to everyday: Enya, Mike Oldfield, Jean-Michel Jarre, Björk, amongst others. 
I developed this songs around 2000. With a basic computer, Fruity Loops and samples from Future & Computer Music. My goal?: to remaster all of them, increase quality, up-to-date sounds. Anything to improve.
"I only played once a Kurzweill K2000 when i was 9 years old. I used to take the bus to the music shop, say hello to the salesman, put on the headphones and just listened to those wonderful sounds. I cannot imagine what will i be able to do with great equipment". 
Thank you mom.
1. 92bpm
2. aaaa
4. 100mpb2
5. breathbeat
6. celt
7. clasica
8. eri
9. guitar 85
10. karlette
11. rever
12. omura
13. the piano II
14. q46
15. quartet
16. valkirya
17. pianofreq
18. g
19. oxygene II . (original song by Jean Michel Jarre)
20. nicebass
21. method
22. nagefin
23. likenya
24. 1b