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Never Abuse a Kid

24 page, xerox comic - ballpoint drawing
Comic Exhibition
‘50th years celebration of Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ Yogyakarta (december 1998)        
WEW usher uniform (November 2008)

I create this for WEW project.
I use red 'Kben' mixed with blacktraditional shirt with khmer silk. And for ladies, use broken whitemodification-cheongsam dress.

Where Elephants Weep
is anew commission by Cambodian Living Arts, whose mission is to supportthe revival of traditional Cambodian performing arts and to inspirecontemporary artistic expression.
As part of its mission toinspire people to create new art with roots in their own indigenousculture and contemporary styles, bringing new life to ancient forms.
Submarine (Spring 2002)
Danke V.01 (May 2003)

my cubical at McCann Erickson - Jakarta
Danke V.02 (May 2008)
Art Deco study (February 2005)
Vectstasi (February 2005)
Girls on Rock (January 2002)
            the adventure of giga

:: poster color + ecolin :: 48 color page
copyright 1995 pt intermasa        
FMN - Bali AIDS campaign (2001)
FMN - Bali AIDS campaign (2001)
Sheila Concert (December 2002)
kalpataru (December 2006) artwork for Bio Band CD/Cassette cover.

Related with name of the band 'Bio', in Indonesia, especialy for Hindu's, 'kalpataru' mean 'the tree of origin/life'.
Keepthe balance of universe, in peace, love and harmony; for people topeople, people to environment, and also people to The GOD.(HinduBalinesse known this phrase as 'Tri Hita Karana
Floor Painting (2000)
» DJ Umhana + Saint Bangsad «
:: pixelite Bayon eye | 150cm x 235cm | acrylic on wall | Phnom Penh | January 2009 ::
network creative departement, antv - indonesia (March 2008)

the brief:
"..The only thing this artwork represents our section of the company (ncs).
we are stating our creative side with a slight touch of soberness through it (peace, love and happiness).
thisartwork should be one that can have many functions, we should be ableto see it on a t-shirt for example, on stickers and so on... we are ablend of the old and the new. we are still ANTV.."