HanniBall Celebration
Poster Contest Entry
Project Info
This concept was designed for a lecture series hosted at the Carthage College campus called the Hannibal Lecture series. At the end of every school year, they throw a lavish up-scale party called HanniBall to celebrate the coming of the summer. The clients held a contest open to all students to design aa advertisement for the event. This is my entry.

The Hannibal Lecture focuses on literature, and I wanted to capture the classic feel of the medium. The concept shows how the elegantly dressed conventional couple illuminates the hardwood dance floor. The attention is focused completely on them which grants the viewer the opportunity to imagine the scale of majesty that a night spent at HanniBall could potentially hold.
The concept is tied together by the message at the bottom, "Thus dance." The idea comes from Thomas Moore's poem The Night Dance. The line in it's entirety is, "Thus dance, like the Hours to the music of May".
Unfortunately, the client chose another entry.