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    This work, was a project for a magazine called Big Magazine in NYC. It was published in 2010.
Endangered Trades
Madrid, Spain.
This research was built upon memories and stories. After traveling across a city plenty of anecdotes, stories, and a certain amount of nostalgic feelings, I found and was able to confirm stories that I have always denied.
My grandmother was right when saying that the best soap cannot be found in supermarkets but in the oldest place in the market, in a dark place where smell attracts you from several meters of distance. Or that music which, like a paintbrush, brings colors to your daily life, soaking the streets with the purest feelings. And these nostalgic glances which assure the eyes are the window of the soul.
Guiding smells, awakening sensations, vanishing endangered trades, melted in a sea of cement… But, as it is said, who looks for always find.