At the start of 2011 I was approached by web start-up business InfluAds, to help with a re-think and re-brand of their web based business.

InfluAds is a crowd-sourced ad network who's aim is to eliminate unsold and remnant inventory and remove ‘bad’ ads with good ones. After a successful 16 months nurturing the business and with a new seed investment, my brief was to re-brand their online presence and develop their e-commerce based business, thus helping them increase their influence in a relatively new, but competitive minimal advertising market.

My initial challenge was how to go about creating a strong, memorable brand for a business that sells 'minimal' advertising and offered up little visual reference or tangible imagery.

As the business is built around the core idea of 'crowd sourced' advertising it was obvious to me to focus on the communities of curators that InfluAds work with. I therefore created an entirely graphical universe based on icons. Icons that could serve as a distinct way-finding system on the site, whilst being the driving visual influence.

Using a stylised A for the logomark and the web font Atrament for the logotype, I created an identity that both influences the headline style and key visual. A key visual that is used on the homepage and in various print executions, and shows the unity of all the publishers working together within the InfluAds network.

My aim with the newly created brand, is that with these basic elements in place the brand can successfully grow, and adapt with influAds as it seeks to be a competitive player in it's field.

As well as designing the website and blog, I also rolled-out the new brand in the print world, by creating a full suite of stationary and a range of on-going marketing materials including posters, stickers, tote bags and t-shirts.