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    Digital puppetry as a platform for exploring the perception of agency in online social spaces.

Kikko is a digital puppet created to explore how the animacy of a digital character can blur the lines of what may be perceived by others as agency while interacting in an online social space. Kikko's appearance is meant to look unnatural as this sets up the expectation that users' interactions with them will seem unnatural as well. This is how Kikko's existence is positioned as an experiment. As the puppeteers, we have control over Kikko's gestures, voice and text chat. As well, Kikko is placed in a real space and able to interact with real characters. As we brought Kikko to life, we broadcast live on Justin.tv to a larger audience and simultaneously talked to others on Chatroulette. We also encouraged viewers to follow up by emailing and adding Kikko to Facebook. Kikko will be back streaming online soon with some new and improved abilities. With that will come a documentation video. Until then, there is a short clip following for Kikko to say hello. 

Created in collaboration with Hana Newman and Nicholas Rubin