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    This brand was created for the Qatar UK 2013 (Year of Culture)
Showcasing the depth and breadth of relations between Qatar and the UK
- To promote the mutual understanding, recognition and appreciation of Qatari and British cultures, traditions and people.
- Foster the exchange of culture and ideas between institutions and individuals in the arts, sport, science and education.
- Reinforce dialogue and co-operation, in the spirit of innovation, openness and learning.
- Develop future opportunities for collaboration.
- Expand Qatari audiences’ perceptions of UK arts and culture by showcasing British creativity, diversity and innovation.
- Showcase and explain modern Qatar to UK audiences.
The idea behind the logo is to emphasize the unity by merging the names of Qatar (in arabic) and UK (in english) to form the same shape that communicates Qatar and UK at the same time. When its read from right to left it reads Qatar in Arabic and when its read from left to right it reads UK in English.
Color A: the Qatari flag color was mixed with the Union Jack colors and resulted in this original color, representing both countries in a modern way.
Color B: the Qatari flag color was mixed with the blue in Union Jack and resulted in this dark blue.