I've been contacted by Federico Digirolamo that already had this project in mind with
some basic sketches. We started the research step, to understand the best way to design it,
and make it work properly. Then i've design the cad part with nice and proper proportions,
to move then to a water flow simulation software, to clearly verify the main concept.
The real innovation in this piece of design is the unique eco-friendly useage.
There is no choice for hot and cold water, you can only adjust the amount of water flow you need.
If you choose a low emission rate, you will receive hot water, with a small amount of energy wasted.
As the user increase the flow rate, water becomes colder, ending with high flow rate of cold water,
saving a big amount of energy.
Technical part has been design by me. It's mainly composed by a simple leverage system,
moving inside an inner dry site, moving the cover of the hot and cold water tube.