Arts of packaging design

Art book Vol.01:
Arts of packaging design - The untold story
by Bracom Agency

"The Arts of Packaging Design - The Untold Story" unveils the narratives concealed behind Bracom's gradually revealed works. This marks the debut publication within the upcoming collection of Artbooks that Bracom plans to curate and release. This book centers on sharing and introducing our distinguished and exceptional projects, viewed through the lens and narratives from the very team that brings these works to life. We believe you will garner numerous intriguing experiences as you delve into Bracom's journey of conquering demanding challenges and assignments through the medium of graphic imagery. This isn't solely a repository of images and processes involved in crafting renowned packaging projects; it's also our expression of gratitude to the intangible spirits that have contributed to the reputation of the Bracom team.

For Bracom, "Arts of Packaging Design - The Untold Story" is akin to an achievement board that emits sound and light. However, the creators of this book—the team of designers—are individuals who prefer the economy of words. They are quiet yet bold. They conquer the design realm with an independent aesthetic sensibility and perspective. Without pomp or ostentation, within this book, you will witness the most authentic aspects of our process in constructing a masterpiece. In its role as an agency, Bracom will guide you onto a challenging turning point, inviting you to explore the journey of conquering various personalities and colors across multiple industries.

Khởi sắc (Blooming) packaging
The gift set is housed in a structurally unique box with a plastic lid and a kraft paper body, combining sturdiness and distinctiveness. A minimalist design is applied to the lid, keeping the surface clean and translucent, revealing the captivating designs of the inner boxes and making it easy to display them around your home corner. The plastic shell also contributes to the shimmering beauty of the interior floral patterns. A distinctive feature of this gift set is the kraft paper band wrapping each box, laser-cut on the surface to emulate wrought-iron window frames. There are two open windows on the green and yellow boxes, and a closed window on the orange box. This two-layer window system is characteristic of old Saigon-style homes.

Asteria collections
​​​​​​​Holding a jewelry box like this in your hands, you'll possess a marvelously elegant gift that will make you feel prouder and more distinctive when purchasing products from Maytum Enterprise. The top of the box features a raised print, offering a pleasant touch from the first contact. The minimalist design includes an illustration representing the product inside the box. This illustration will be silk-screen printed, maintaining an elegant yet delicate and graceful appearance. The logo on the side of these boxes is laser-cut meticulously, allowing the interior colors to shine through.

Bracom mooncake magic gift box
The overall design of the box is created using two types of foiling: Color-changing gold and black foiling. This ensures a balanced color scheme overall while accentuating important elements. Bracom's 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival packaging design embodies a dreamy, sparkling, and color-shifting picture. Under the lights, the foil-pressed moon changing colors conjures a magical scene, leaving a strong impression on viewers. This shimmering hue also evokes images of children's lanterns, evoking a fairytale-like moonlit night, transporting us back to a beautiful childhood.

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Creative Director: Andy Ho
Designer: Minh Tran
3D Visualization: Tiep Nguyen, Duy Tran
Content writing: Hoa Tran

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Arts of packaging design

Arts of packaging design

"The Arts of Packaging Design - The Untold Story" unveils the narratives concealed behind these gradually revealed works. This marks the debut pu Read More