Zona Milo - Facebook App for Milo Nestlé
Key Info: In Chile, Milo's brand communication is focused in the slogan "Me la puedo" that means "I can". Is about attitude of overcoming and the fact of never surrender in sport related challenges. The idea was to use the social networks and the technology to encourage the kids to make more sport in the real life to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. That's how Zona milo was born, a online match scheduler to program real life games, with the incentive of sports indumentary for some of the users that organize challenges using the app. 
Considering that the target are kids between 8-17 years old, in the design of the app we simulate a "Pro Evolution Soccer" style graphics to get closer to the games that kids play on their consoles.

My work: (Designer/ Creative /Art Director)
• Think the whole structure and usability of the App. These duties include the development of the user experience (UX) and also the design of the graphical user interface (UI).
• Create and design FB posts and other graphic media to share and promote the idea over social networks.
Fan Request
Landing Page
User Profile
FB Connect
Election of sport
Election of date, location and number of players by side
Location selected via Google Maps
Team Nickname and Players Selection
Invite FB Friends to join team
Rearrange player's positions via drag and drop
Team Confirmation
Opponent Choosing
Scheduled Teams Nearby
All invited players receive a notification to join the match.
Game Status and Confirmed Players Landing Page

Copywriter: Mario Hirmas
Creative Director: Cristian Sepulveda
Executive Account Director: Juan Rossi
Web Developer: David Alvaro
Zona Milo - Facebook App for Milo Nestlé

Zona Milo - Facebook App for Milo Nestlé



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