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    Items of evidence photographed for a brand new documentary true crime television series.
M4 Carbine (replica)
Remington 870 pump-action shot gun (replica)
AK 47 Machine Gun with folding stock (replica) and spent 7.62×39mm cartridges
AK 47 magazine (replica) and spent 7.62×39mm cartridges
AK 47 (replica) barrel detail
AK 47 (replica) trigger detail
Spent 7.62×39mm cartridges
Weapons haul: Flail, Hitler Youth Knife, Knuckle-duster and telescopic baton
Brass knuckles
Bolt cutters
Hardened steel padlock
Crime Scene Evidence
The New Cruelty is currently working on an ongoing project to create a series of edgy still life images that will be used in a major new documentary true crime series which is scheduled to air in early 2015.

This gallery features a selection of photographs from the premiere episode which details the tragic death of a police officer at the hands of an extremely violent neo-nazi meth addict. The images represent just some of the items of evidence found in the killer's possession.

All of the weapons used for these photographs are high-quality replicas used in TV and film production. The images have been sized and optimized for HD broadcast format.
As this is part of an ongoing production, the client and working title for the series have been withheld until series airs...stay tuned.
Art Director / Photographer: James Bareham