Opening its doors in 1912, the Hot Dog Shop became a famous spot for Butler, Pennsylvania locals to enjoy "two hots, pickles" and french fries with gravy. The restaurant's dogs were topped with a homemade chili sauce, minced white onion and a dill pickle spear. Over the years, generations of Western Pennsylvanians came to appreciate this distinct sauce as if it were their own. While the restaurant closed its doors in 2004, the demand for delicious Hot Dog Shop sauce has remained.
In response to nostalgia for Hot Dog Shop chili sauce, Miller's Quality Meats set out to recreate the legendary recipe while offering customers the ability to tailor the flavor with any of Miller's freshly ground meats or sausages. The result is a contemporary take on a longstanding Butler tradition. Butler Dog Sauce: A Miller's original, inspired by the Hot Dog Shop.
3-1/2" Diameter Product Label
Creative Direction & Design: Jacob Robison