Four LinesPolaroid project

4 photographers 
24 days 9000 km 
100 hours of driving
3 lost camera108 animals encountered2 ship followed18 beds changed0 bidet found

Four young Italian photographers, Gabriele Chiapparini, Andrea Colombo, Anna Morosini and Elena Vaninetti, come from different parts of Italy and also different territorial realities, all polaroid lovers, that always work individually. The group was formed with a common purpose, which needs the particular and specific contribution of everyone of them, as technically able photographers, also having a strong and recognizable personal style.
The project we made is based on a photography “on the road” trip (“trip” mean as “dimension”), with the exclusive using of the instant photography language (polaroid); we had Scandinavia for destination, that re- presented a completely different reality from our usual landscapes: white, pure, geometric, clean. The idea was to tell through images the sharing of a unique space-time, from 4 different points of view, marked and different between them, having common travels, but also individual for colours, feelings and point of view.

The trip
Scandinavia is the travel playground, that its’ also a dream, 24 day and 9000 km long. The 4 artists, crossed Denmark, moved to Norway, touched Lappony and then Sweden, using 200 polaroid films during the travel, for more then 1800 unique shots. Many stops during the travel had been chosen on the possibility to meet and collaborate with local photo- graphers, selected by the web. They took from them a “from the inside” vision of these unusual (for us) pla- ces, living with theme for a few days.

Day 3 \\ Mistreatments by Gabriele

Maybe Ines would have preferred to welcome us in her motherland Ibiza rather than in Horsens. However, she’s able to let us enjoy the climate. We went to sleep in her room (a 4 × 4mts divided in 5 people) with Caribbean temperatures (like 27°degrees). Now I’m really tired and my throat send particular signals and also Andrea’s one. We hope to be healthy and save tomorrow. Tonight we’ll subvert the heating. The fjord is really close to Ines place and it is very awesome, I took some fade to black once again cursing my disorganization (I didn’ t bring any support to dry them safely once opened). Back to the apartment, we realized that our only laptop didn’t work. Fantastic! Then the idea. The great solution. As always: beat the laptop. When something, especially technology, is not working, it is mistreated. And finally and fortunately it worked. I wondered why so much bad luck, then I realized: a million of little midges were cursing us from our dirty windshield after hours and hours of travel!

day 7 \\ The red woody house by Anna

 Yesterday afternoon, departed from Bergen, we stopped to buy salmon at the fish market of the port, we arrived finally in Floro, a group of red and green wooden houses, with a small private wharf  at the edge of a fjord that seems caught by a book of fairy tales. I am surprised to see that there isn't the silence that I expected. Relentless, the lapping water, the rustling of the branches of immense forests all around, the bird calls, our voices that don' t hold back by the exclamation. It amazes me how my eyes almost become accustomed in such splendour around. After so many miles on the road, it would be amazing to stop at every corner, walk, collect splinters, enjoy, carried away. Instead we are always in a hurry, near us we can see awesome landscapes that seem to scream their vastness and simultaneous their details. I wish to close my eyes and open them only occasionally, because I don't want to miss a single piece of this beauty. Fortunately we have decided to stop in this enchanted place one more day. The boys are now out with a small boat,. Elena and I, we finally granted a true home-cooked lunch, with a bit of sun and breeze on the pier nearby. The air is warm as the weather is nice in winter. I like to sleep for a while.

day 15 \\ Alone by Andrea

day 21 \\ Yellow Flowers by Elena

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