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Serenity - Firefly (Quake III)
What follows is a full cg recreation of the fictional spaceship Serenity, from the 2002 tv-series Firefly and 2005 film of the same name. It is rendered on the antiquated Quake III engine, via the LucasArts game: Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. (See below for download details).
it is my baby.
Everything you see below, (including most of the textures and shaders) were hand crafted in GTK-Radiant, an open-source level editor for the Quake III engine over the course of the last 6 years (on and off). It features over 300 custom textures, 150 shaders and 130 unique .ase models (also designed in Radiant).
Serenity: flying over the water-world of Bellerophon.
Serenity: traversing the Zhu Que nebula.
I gathered a whole host of source materials, 75-90 reference stills, an awesome lightwave model and a set of authentic film blueprints. (Although a newer, more comprehensive set was just released last year). This allowed me to accurately recreate the outer part of the ship to a reasonable degree of success.
Unfortunately, and despite my best efforts, this Quake III Serenity suffers from the Tardis effect. I had to split the map into two parts; the upper and the lower, to fit everything in. To solve the problem of traversing between the two, I added a seamless teleport script that renders the transition (almost) unnoticeable.
The cockpit: featuring a navigation cycle script, so role-players can choose their flying destination.
The bridge: with functional ladders down to the crew quarters (as seen in the tv-series).
The map features all the locales seen in the tv-series and film, as well as a handful of customised secret areas and passageways that I designed myself.
To add replay value I conjured up a secrets system, whereby, for every two hidden areas that are found, one main part of the map is unlocked as a reward. This system unlocks the med-bay, explosives room, the side airlock and main hangar door, the shuttles and the navigation cycle script.
The lounge: with heaps of little decals and details from the 'verse. Look closely and you might find a wobbly headed something!
The kitchen: <insert witty table-side moustache-related banter here>
The navigation cycle script is something I added right at the last minute. Once all 10 secrets are unlocked, the player has the ability to navigate through a choice of 5 skyboxes, each simulating a different area of the 'Verse.
1. The Zhu Que Nebula 2. Miranda's Outer Atmosphere 3. Whitefull Sunset 4. Bellerophon after Dusk and 5. The Outer Rim. (Where the Reaver's should be!)
Perfect for role-playing...
The engine room: featuring, you guessed it, the engine... and Kaylee's trusty hammock.
The med-bay: featuring two coffin's worth of prescription meds, courtesy of Ariel and Dr Tam!
The cargo bay: featuring everyone's favourite hovering yellow transport: The Mule.
I went to town on all the little embellishments and detailing, (which hopefully shows through in my .ase models and brushwork). Keep your eyes open for Jayne's weight bench, Inara's scented candles, Kaylee's customised plaque and Wash's dinos!
Shephard Book's room: complete with tapestry, bed, sink and Bible (with a few pages missing). 
Inara's room. "It's called incense..."
There is also the option for the players to activate a secret script, which simulates Serenity leaving the core planets via The Halo, an impenatrable belt of asetoids and space debris. These asteroids pass very very close to the ship, meaning it is more than likely you will be hit by one if you happen to be outside...
Serenity: circling the planet Whitefall, at dusk.
Serenity: breaking through Miranda's atmosphere to confront the Operative and the Alliance.
See my website's project page for more screenshots. 
Note: requires Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy to play.
Please contact me if you need direction in porting the map to other Quake III-supported games.
I will be happy to help.
Serenity - Firefly (Quake III)

Serenity - Firefly (Quake III)

A full cg recreation of Joss Whedon's Serenity from the tv-series Firefly on the Quake III engine.