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0³ For Air

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0³ is a purifier that efficiently purifies the air in a large space by improving the conventional shape and using the shape to guide the flow of wind. It connects the conventional square shape in a rounded and curved way, and through large-area air inlet and outlet grilles, it makes the wind flow more evenly.
The rounded way not only allows the air to be ventilated, but also adapts to different spaces. And based on the two-layer filter element, it integrates air absorption and air purification.



0³Looking for household products in daily life as a medium, it is formed through some aesthetics that can be seen everywhere around us, aiming to bring the feeling of products closer to our daily life, and full of familiar and warm feelings.



The structure and function of 0³ are inspired by the turbine system of aviation products. The turbine can freely change the flow direction and control of the wind. 
Through this form of empowerment, the product can have more air purification strength and space coverage after integration .


The top countertop can meet the storage function in our daily home scene, and isolate the daily dust from accumulating in the air outlet. 
The overall product is made of plastic, and the surface is frosted to match the minimalist aesthetics of the home as much as possible.


The interactive system is knob-type, with four function switching options, and is equipped with color light recognition in eachstate, but I don’t want to make the lights too concrete or conspicuous
so as to ensure that large-scale sound and light are reduced in the scene.


The replacement method of the filter element is to push and pull the back panel to open and close, and to take out and pull out the filter element. 
This kind of interactive method is to improve the way of changing the element of the air purifier product. 
The common way is to pull out the whole body, but this method The biggest disadvantage lies in the weight of the body and the placement of the body, and the push-pull method, the form of the internal slide rail, is easier to use and change the core, and will not affect other components.




0³ For Air

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0³ For Air

0³ is a purifier that efficiently purifies the air in a large space by improving the conventional shape and using the shape to guide the flow of Read More