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    Typographic shoes.
When It Rains – Shoes
This piece was created to express my love of walking in the rain.

But I don't just mean any rain.

I mean rain rain.

When it's so damn heavy that you have to walk all hunched over with your hood on, and all you can see are your feet walking along the pavement, watching as your shoes get wetter an wetter until they are soaked through. I find it somewhat cleansing.

The words 'Water is walked alongside, and loved' were taken from the poem Lyric by New Zealand poet Dinah Hawken, and as you may have noticed, they only appear when the shoes get wet. Preferably by rain.

Note: Due to a recent spike in interest, I am in the process of sourcing some more shoes so y'all (aka a very small number of you) might be able to get your hands on a pair, and so that I can pay my university fees. Hey, a hustler's gotta hustle.
Add rain.