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Industrial Design

2023 - February 24
Designed by 0-1 Design Studio
Customer:IceWhale Technology

ZimaCube represents the future of personal cloud storage. With six HDD bays, four M.2 SSD slots, and four 2.5GbE ports, you can securely store, organize, and access your files from any device, anywhere, ensuring seamless data sharing. The PCIe Gen 4 slots provide lightning-fast data transfers, unlocking limitless potential for system performance.
ZimaCube emphasizes simplicity, featuring a cube-shaped geometric design that exudes a natural sense of power from every angle. Every detail, from the aluminum alloy CNC-crafted case to the meticulously selected materials and unique surface treatments, reflects a minimalist aesthetic. This stylish and elegant design pays homage to the iconic designer Dieter Rams, setting a new benchmark in personal cloud storage.

ZimaCube,个人云存储的未来之选。通过6个硬盘槽、四个M.2 SSD和四个2.5GbE设计,您可以随时随地安全存储、整理和访问文件,实现无缝数据共享。PCIe Gen 4插槽保障高速数据传输,激发系统性能的无限潜力。

ZimaCube features functional interfaces on both the front and back. The front cover has a magnetic attachment for easy expansion of multiple hard drives (up to six supported). The back cover is designed for simple removal and repair, giving ZimaCube users flexibility for upgrades and customization. Unlocking more storage possibilities.
Magnetic front cover
Use the orange ball to quickly open the front cover
ZimaCube elegantly marries form and function, with a meticulously crafted aluminum alloy CNC casing that enhances durability and heat dissipation while harmonizing with its minimalist design. ​​​​​​​
Within the constraints of internal component dimensions, we meticulously optimized the external proportions to achieve the utmost in aesthetics and harmony. Slightly widening the chassis lends it a more stable and professional overall appearance, while the regularly structured horizontal grille pattern of the air inlet and outlet not only enhances visual integration but also serves functional purposes. These thoughtfully designed details permeate every aspect of ZimaCube, striking a perfect balance between form and function, presenting you with an unparalleled personal cloud storage solution.

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