Kick-Ass Official Website
You don't need superpowers to put on a mask and kick crime's ass. With a little hard work and a couple of broken bones, you can become the city's next great superhero. So slap on your spandex. Your training has officially begun.

Kick-Ass tells the story of an ordinary teenager, Dave Lizewski, who sets out to become a real-life superhero. For the film's website, we created an immersive browser-based action game where users were trained to become a real-life superhero by the film's main characters. To complete the quest, users competed in four mini-games and a site-wide scavenger hunt to level-up their hero status and prepare to take down drug lord Frank D'Amico.

The site was concepted and created entirely by Ignition Interactive, including 3d environments and fully illustrated character artwork that combined influences from the film, the comic book, and online fan art.

FWA SOTD May 22, 2010
2011 Webby Official Honoree

Illustration: Reid Southen and Dan Luvisi
The introductory cut-scene:
City fly-through stills:
Kick-Ass' Roof jumping mini-game:
Mist-mobile racing mini-game
Hit Girl's knife throwing mini-game:
Big Daddy's weapon memory mini-game:
Mini-game cover illustrations:
The four hero hideouts:
A peek into the process: